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“Now, you have to include the computer programmer,” said Clemente.

He said implementing the scheme was challenging in the early years, but there is no choice for companies but to follow the trend.

Designed to counteract the notion that, while women can pursue their dream jobs, "God forbid you text a guy first," Wolfe says, it racked up 3 million users in its first 14 months.

Wolfe's entrepreneurial streak showed itself early. She started her first business while at Southern Methodist University in Dallas—eco-friendly totes sold online (proceeds benefited the Gulf oil spill cleanup) that caught the eye of Nicole Richie and Kate Bosworth—and at 22 she joined the team that went on to create Tinder.

Founded in 2013 by Omar Qari, Ted Power, and Joshua Halickman, Abacus set out to reinvent the way companies reimburse their employees.

Abacus helps businesses intelligently manage their employee expenses using data and behavior analysis to make recommendations, as well as automate expense creation and approval.

While the major marketing clouds handle only 1% of customer data and interactions, Action IQ provides the only solution that scales to 100% of customer data, analyzes it at unprecedented speeds, and lets marketers execute campaigns in hours--all without calling IT.

The platform is the fastest way for Global 2000 companies to connect all of their first party digital and offline data, generate insights on what drives customer behavior, and directly connect with all of their marketing apps.

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Below, check out 100 of the most exciting startups in New York City, republished with permission from The Hundert.

You’re saying to him, leave your job you’ve been in for five or six years, because I’ve got this opportunity for you.

You’ve got to care, and you’ve got to be passionate about it,” he says.

Using heuristics, expenses are curated to help administrators focus on anomalies and high priority items, while processing next-day reimbursements, enforcing company expense policy, reconciling corporate cards, and syncing with accounting software.

Action IQ is changing that with its world class Marketing Activation Platform, dedicated to giving marketers and analysts freedom and speed.

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