Dating service for mentally ill

The NYPD had already suspended him shortly after he turned himself in at the courthouse Wednesday morning, pending the outcome of the charges, officials said.

Correction Department spokesman Robin Campbell said in a statement Wednesday that Ballard's case is under investigation.

Danner was a self-described “paranoid schizophrenic,” the prosecutor said. “[O’Neill’s] reaction triggered the mayor to go on a 48-hour tirade, ultimately, I believe, impacting the jury pool here in the Bronx,” complained Ed Mullins, who heads the Sergeants Benevolent Association.

Cops had responded to her apartment in the past “without incident,” she said. About 12 members of the union joined him in attending the arraignment.

They were considered 'in different degrees, imbecile; ineducable; irresponsible and incapable of guiding or maintaining themselves'- Inbreeding was suspected of being the cause The Murray Royal Lunatic Asylum at Perth, Scotland was designed 'so that the meanest patient could be well fed and clothed, and those among the higher classes who could pay for it were lodged and cared for as they could be in a palace'.

Pictured are female patients at the asylum dressed in clothing that made them feel comfortable 1860Harrowing details of the inhumane and gruesome treatment of these patients are revealed in Lunatics, Imbeciles and Idiots: A History of Insanity in Nineteenth Century Britain & Ireland, by Kathryn Burtinshaw and Dr.

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