Dating pete daughtry

He hasn’t spoken before of his affair with Winehouse, nor about what really happened to Blanco on that fateful party night, and suspicion has always surrounded his involvement in the tragedy.

Doherty and starstruck Cambridge graduate Blanco had rowed at the party in Whitechapel, East London, when the actor tried to persuade the musician to watch him perform in a play at a local pub.

To make it up to them, she invites them backstage with her at a show where she attempts to sing a "nice" song about Chris, and is booed mercilessly by her fans.Doherty was captured on CCTV fleeing the scene, jumping over Blanco’s prone body in his haste to escape.Though police scrutinised the pop star’s behaviour, no one was ever arrested over the incident.Chris Daughtry was born Christopher Adam Daughtry to Sandra and James Daughtry.He showed an inclination towards music at a very early age, and took to singing seriously at the age of sixteen even taking guitar lessons from Matt Jagger and Mark Ebert.

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