Dating owens illinois bottles

I see that the bottle has opposing seams and it is machine made with Flint glass nice rainbow colors) I read prescription bottles used a reflective glass.On the neck area there is a 2 in circle with a squiggly embossing on each side of the 2.Levis was willing to invest in the venture on the condition that all of his seven sons receive jobs in the factory.Smith acted as president and sole sales agent, while Levis acted as vice president and production manager.Embossed symbols and markings on a glass jar help determine the jar's origin, its manufacturer and even when it was made.While some markings such as city names make it easy to determine at least some aspects of the jar's history, others, such as a simple letter "A," may offer little information about the jar itself, other than the mold model used to create it.Louis, where it would be easier to acquire raw materials and ship their finished products.

Numerous companies either formed in or relocated to Toledo, including the New England Glass Company, which relocated to Toledo in 1888.

The company was so successful that within three years the partners needed room to expand.

They considered moving across the Mississippi to St.

In 1835, Edward Levis settled in Alton, Illinois, where he married and raised a large family that included seven sons: Edward, George M., John M., Charles, Robert H., Nelson, and Frank.

A cabinet maker by trade, Levis became involved in the glass industry in 1873 when he, along with partner William Eliot Smith, purchased the Illinois Glass Company a business that had failed three times before.

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