Dating old brown bottles

Come back and check this page often because it updates automatically as auctions expire and more are added.See the next section below this one for a more generalized listing of antique bottle auctions that are ending today.That doesn’t mean it’s always easy, and figuring out the exact age can be a real hassle, but there are 11 basic clues and resources I use when trying to determine how old a dusty bottle of whiskey is.Below is a run through of each along with some additional resources at the end.I have a miniature bottle of O'Darby Irish Cream Liqueur from the 1980's. If you are a miniature bottle collector you will like this one. Whether you’re trying to date a bottle of bourbon or determine the relative age of a dusty bottle of Scotch the process for US bottles is pretty much the same; it’s a matter of looking at clues and narrowing down possibilities.

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Glass manufacturers began making bottles in molds in the early nineteenth century.

The majority of glass bottles found on colonial American historical sites were hand blown in England or France (Nol Hume 1970: 60).

Between 1650 and about 1814, hand-blown bottle shapes evolved to the point that archeologists can tell the differences between them with little trouble.

2 Beccles Ward embossed bottles one with original beccles marked stopper.

If you are a miniature bottle collector you will like this one.

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