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In my story, taking fake boyfriends to Desi weddings, having a hot doctor that stars in telenovelas, and having a back-up baby-daddy for my geriatric uterus were a part of my off-color but meaningful Rom Com story.

It’s why I loved being a part of the book , so much – for the first time I saw my narrative side-by-side with 24 other Muslimah’s love stories.

"You have a generation of young Muslims growing up here, and I suppose some of the methods that people may have used from their parents' home country may not necessarily be appealing or applicable to Muslims growing up in a Western context," Gamieldien said.

"So they would try and meet someone on their own." University College London sociologist and researcher Dr Fauzia Ahmad said the breakdown in family relationship is one factor that has contributed to the so-called Muslim marriage crisis in the West.

In a nutshell, Shaikh says, he felt like they were having fun and he wasn't. Ghazala Irshad, who also grew up in a Muslim family in Illinois, says she knows young Muslims who growing up, were told to "lower [their] gaze" when they came across the opposite sex. We don’t know how to talk to the opposite sex, how do we go about this?

"[But] by the time it comes to the age of trying to get married, then our parents are like, well, why aren’t you getting married, we want grandchildren ... We’re not allowed to date, we’ve been separated, we haven’t developed friendships," she says.

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Growing up, when it came to dating, relationships and girls, Shaikh would experience one thing at home, another outside.But I harbored this little romantic hope that with words love could manifest.Read the rest of this entry » For the first time since 9/11, I am afraid to leave the house. People always tell me how laid back and “West Coast” my vibe is, right down to the relaxed cadence in my speech. Read the rest of this entry » | Tags: #Why IStayed, abusive relationships, American love stories, control, dating, feminism, love, Love Insh Allah, love stories, Muslim dating, Muslim love, Muslim men, Muslim relationships, Muslim women, relationships, Salaam Love Before I wrote this post I had to convince myself that addressing my experience would be useful not only to me but to someone else. I did not talk about the things that went on in my relationship for many years even though I was (and am) surrounded by an incredibly supportive family and circles of strong and understanding feminist women. how could I, as a so-called feminist and strong woman, come forward with my story of emotional control?Meet our 47 fantastic contributors here, and hundreds more who wrote diverse, divergent & provocative pieces for our site for four years after the books were published, below. | Tags: art, dating, grief, Islamophobia, loss, love, Love Insh Allah, Muslim dating, Muslim love, Muslim love stories, Muslim men, Muslim relationships, Muslim women, radical love, relationships, Salaam Love, sex, social justice, Tanzila Ahmed I’ve always been a sucker for a good story – and a happy ending.Would you like us to talk to your class, MSA, book club, interfaith group, etc.? Stay tuned for an exciting new project launching in 2017, insh Allah! Ever enamored by the Rom Com, I always pictured myself as the clumsy, awkward but affable protagonist of my own 90 minute, wittily narrated romance.

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