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These wooden chests, usually built of oak, opened from the top and had numerous shallow... I have a great Gerstner that I restored and it is a wonderful addition to my shop.While a single batch of chests (numbering as many as fifty) is being built, the drawers are selected and grouped together based on the style of their grain.Each drawer is then designated for a particular slot in a chest.The chests are assembled, sanded, and finished all in the same building, and most models also receive felt drawer lining.An antique tool box (also spelled toolbox) or tool chest is the fitting home for a set of treasured tools.Just thought this would be a nice place to collect and post some information on the history of the different tool box makers.If y`all have something that you care to share, by all means .

Additionally, the company will custom-build chests to a customer's specifications.

As of 2001, approximately 4000 chests left the factory each year.

The chests were originally made of oak, although they were ultimately also offered in cherry, walnut, and maple.

Front view with chest in open position (front lid stowed beneath bottom drawer) Front view showing close-up of center lock with right or left hand front catch showing in same picture. View showing side handle or top handle View showing entire end (left or right side) of chest. Front view showing close-up picture of Gerstner Nametag (if missing still take picture) located on the center of the bottom drawer.

Write down all information that is stamped or lettered on the inside bottom of the tool chest.

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