Dating earth cast

Studies based on the apparently flawed method have suggested Earth's biodiversity remained relatively stable - close to maximum carrying capacity - and hinted many signs of species becoming rapidly extinct are merely reflections on the poor quality of the fossil record at that time.

However, new research by scientists at the University of Reading suggests the history of the planet's biodiversity may have been more dynamic than recently suggested, with bursts of new species appearing, along with crashes and more stable periods.

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However, candidates should note that inclusion in the F4E list of potential candidates does not guarantee recruitment.

The method assumes that variations in the number of different fossils at any given time are a reflection of how much rock was available.

It has been used in more than 150 published research papers since it was first used in 2007.

Given the need of the organisation and upon the agreement of the candidate, the place of employment might be any of the F4E working places: Barcelona (Spain), Garching (Germany) or Cadarache (France).

Important: As long as the candidates are not contacted, they are kindly asked not to request any additional information about the status of their application.

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