Dating coming on too strong

But I've also been on the fence about him for about a week now.

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The thing is though, I’m currently torn between two conflicting, but very real, fears.With guys having to try so hard sometimes to meet a woman, pick one up or get a date, you’d think a woman coming on to a guy would be a welcome thing. After all, she’s doing all the hard work and saving him a lot of effort that he ordinarily has to summon up to meet a woman, leave alone the potential heartache if he has to suffer rejection despite all his efforts.But while most men might not be averse to a woman coming on to them, what about when she comes on too strong? This kind of a guy will probably be profoundly grateful for a woman who comes on to him, even if she is too overwhelming while at it. On the other hand, there are some men who like to lead and dislike their male prerogative of ‘being in charge’ taken away from them. If the man in question were a passive kind of guy, one who feels inhibited about approaching woman and asking her out, he probably wouldn’t mind a woman taking the initiative. TIP: Find how how to be irresistible to your partner.

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