Dating a swiss k31

Found to be too fragile, most Krags were upgraded to the more robust Model 1896 stock.

Another interesting feature of this rifle is the 1st Pattern magazine cutoff, which engages in the opposite direction of later Krag rifles (it is "OFF" when up).

The original springs have been taken out and set aside so the action can be worked without risking damage to 110 year old spring steel.

Since this rifle left Army inventory at the close of the war, it was not converted to the Model 1896 pattern as were most Model 1892s.

Eg 2 rifles or pistols same caliber same length same potential power etc. Eg pe90 and ar15 both .223 /5.56, ar15 not a chance. Any idea if Mosin Nagants are generally accepted on swiss firing ranges? call the buro in bern and find outbthe fine details before spending anytime or money. I asked a few online gun sellers here and 2 said a B permit will suffice whereas the third said I need a C.

Best is to pop into 1 of the shops in town and clarify... The 2 guys at the waffenburo are ok but not the nicest to deal with btw but also an option. as it's a swiss ordanace I doubt you will have any issues but a lot of swiss ranges are full of shit about what you can shoot. I know swiss law simply states secured but any responsible owner will do more than putting it in a locked cupboard. Yeah I am gonna call to Burgin in the next few days and see what he says and then call around the gun clubs.

Another problem is that you are usually a member of a 'verein', not the particular range (which are usually shared by many veriens, especially in big cities) and you would only be able to shoot when the guy (the Schtzenmeister) is there as he wouldn't usually give you access to the safe.

The rules about keeping it at home are really lax though- you just have to keep it behind a locked door basically, so the cellar will suffice.

Blade Length - 19" (482.5mm) Handle Length - N/A Total Length - 21.65" (550mm) Muzzle Ring Diameter - .735" (18.7mm) Issued with: Vetterli Model 1869/71, Model 1871 Stutzer Manufacturers: Unknown Description: The models 18 bayonets were very similar in appearance.

However, the 1871 is said to be slightly longer, with a more industrial (? Description: The Model 1878 Bayonet is a huge blade, and when mounted on a Vetterli, the combination stands 6 feet in height.

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