Dating a guild d 25 acoustic guitar dating four months

I know for a fact it has not been modified after it was built.At some time in late 1990's BENEDETTO came on board at Guild as a consultant for them and made desighn changes in the Artist Award guitar,could this be a prototype or possibly a custom build?A number of early West-Coast psychedelic bands used these instruments, notably guitarists Bob Weir and Jerry Garcia and bassist Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead, as well as Jefferson Airplane's bassist Jack Casady.Alembic started their transition from sound and recording work to instrument building by modifying Lesh & Casady's Starfire basses. The serial number inside on the Guild orange/white label is as follows: X 175 model EG 147 Serial. It seems to be a cross between the Artist Award and the X700. I have a 1995 X 700 That to seems to be a custom model X700.If you are in the market to purchase an older Guild Guitar I would recommend checking the following sites on a regular basis: "for sale" section) 1. This allows you to personally inspect the instrument before purchasing. If you have the time to wait this is almost always the best option. Gbase is a good resource if you cant find what your looking for on ebay or craigslist.

A lot of damage can be caused to your instrument if improperly packaged. The reason I say this is: It has one floating pickup,one control knob as does the Artist Award.All X700 guitars except this one have two pickups and four Knobs,volume/tone controls.Please be advised we are not affiliated with Guild Guitars and we do not sell guitars. For general questions about Guild Guitars please register and post your question on the Lets Talk Guild Forums.There are many knowledgeable members on these boards that can answer most if not all of your questions.

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