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MORE: Celebrity Breakups That Broke Our Hearts Sources close to Ariana Grande have claimed that Jai Brooks wasn't there for Ari after her grandfather passed, and that ultimately drove them apart.

After Dinner #2, they listened to live music, then left in the self-proclaimed "f*cked-up, horrible sex addict's", there's something more going on here between the pop star and the model/blogger.

What made the split worse was that Jason kept sharing details about the split afterward, including the fact that he broke up with Jordin over the phone!

Listen, sometimes you have to talk things out with a friend, but dishing details about your relationship (or your breakup! Not only does it make it break trust, but it's also a sign that you have major communication issues.

Chris Zylka was devastated when Lucy Hale broke up with him.

So, he aired all his grievances on Twitter, saying: "Don't have a girlfriend.

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