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Also, many of the holidays coincide with many North American holidays, but may have a different name.Also, many of the holidays are fiestas and carnivals that bring thousands of people to celebrate and party...In addition to get a feel for what Costa Rican culture is like, being familiar with the do's & don'ts, dating and relationships, and the role family plays in Costa Rican life is important.“Ticos” are rather religious people so most of their holidays are church related, but not all of them.

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If your nearest grocery store doesn’t carry them, then the pharmacy should.

It’s quite rare to be a single female traveler who leaves Costa Rica without falling in love.

It is no secret that gringa’s who travel to this part of the world are often lured to Costa Rica to escape the stress in the States and to immerse in nature and also to experience a culture vastly different from what we’re used to at home.

Read more Costa Rica is influenced by Spanish traditions.

Spain was Catholic nation, so many current traditions in Costa Rica come from the Catholic religion. Costa Ricans, especially younger generations are adopting more and more cultural aspects from North American influences from Canada and in particular the US.

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