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Famous Tang Dynasty poet Liu Yuxi also wrote a poem to commemorate the temple's renovation.

However, the temple suffered damage during wars and all traces of its physical existence disappeared during the later period of the Song dynasty.

Chengdu has one of the lowest sunshine totals in China (less sunshine than London), and most days are cloudy, even if without rain.

This is especially so in the winter, which is typically overcast and dreary. In addition to traditional Chinese festivals such as Spring Festival, International Labor Day, and National Day, Chengdu has its own festivals such as the Lantern Festival.

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Sichuan cuisine is renowned for its spiciness, and the predominant ingredient in Chengdu cuisine is the chili pepper.

Located in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province in China's Southwest, the Center is the pioneering idea of Global Maximum Educational Opportunities, Inc. The prestigious Sichuan University, one of the leading universities in China and the earliest higher education institute in Sichuan, dating back to the Qing Dynasty, is the host institution.

Daoxuan, a famous Tang Dynasty (618-907) monk, once wrote that an official rite to pray for rain to end a persistent drought was held in front of the temple, and it rained as if the prayers had been heard in heaven.

That was how the temple got its name Fugan, which means "feeling the blessing".

Held in the Qingyang Palace (Gray Goat Palace), the festival is held once a year around Spring Festival and features Sichuan folk opera, acrobatics, and other performances.

During the Flower Festival, a popular spring event, flower growers carry their flowers and exotic plants to exhibit and sell.

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