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Toby takes Paula to lunch, asks if she is sure about this, the implication being, she might want to give this a little additional thought. I go forward and lose all of the magic, for the rest of my time in grad school and for several years thereafter.Later That Semester At a party, I go up to Toby and assure him that I am no longer writing the silly humorous crap I applied to the program with, i.e., the stuff that had gotten me into the program in the first place. “Just don’t lose the magic.”I have no idea what he’s talking about. Every Monday night, Doug’s workshop meets at his house.

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***************** Sachin fans watching CRICKET; Salman fans watching his MOVIES; Sania fans watching TENNIS; And my fans are always busy reading my 'Messages'. ***************** My eyes detected My heart reacted Thousand were rejected & Only you were selected. You might or might not kill it, but youll end up slapping yourself. When you see some faults in them, Be patient and realize that : : : : : hai hee chawal ;-) ***************** I think im disturbing u Sorry This is my last msg & Ill not msg u anymore . Now I am writing more seriously, more realistically, nothing made up, nothing silly, everything directly from life, no exaggeration or humor—you know: “real writing.”Toby looks worried. Doug’s wife, Amy, makes us dinner, which we eat on the break. None of us wants to be a flop and so each of us rises to the occasion by telling a story we actually find interesting, in something like our real voice, using the same assets (humor, understatement, overstatement, funny accents, whatever) that we actually use in our everyday lives to, for example, get out of trouble, or seduce someone.We first-years are a bit tight-assed and over-literary. One night, Doug has us do an exercise: after the break, we are going to tell a story from our lives, off the cuff. We don’t know any good, real stories, which is why we have been writing all of these stories about kids having sex with crocodiles and so forth. For me, a light goes on: we are supposed to be—are required to be—interesting. What we’re doing in writing is not all that different from what we’ve been doing all our lives, i.e., using our personalities as a way of coping with life. He wants to talk about it, because he feels there might be something in it for us.

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