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The Internet used to be for porn (at least, more for than it is now), and then the safety nets went up to keep young and pure eyes (and ears) away from such content.And it looks like the same thing is happening with social media.The App Store rules say that apps which “contain user generated content that is frequently pornographic” will get the boot, and mention Chat Roulette by name in its examples of things which don’t fly.Vine’s terms of service didn’t even prohibit explicit imagery or nudity – and still don’t (though it does note that threats prohibited).I was just very bored, a little horny, and she took off her top and pretty easily coerced me to briefly show my soft dick.She then abruptly sent me a message detailing that she found my Facebook page, listed a few of my friends' and family members' names, and threatened to message them the video if I didn't make a deal with her.

Specifically, extreme social networking websites such as Chatroulette may be exposing your teen to sexual predators.I haven't used Chatroulette in years and just randomly thought of it and found a new way to access it from a browser on my i Pad.I was just going through and looking for someone to chat with, not revealing anything sexual, and a girl who said she was 22, invited me to video chat with her on Skype.If you’re the parent of a teenager, then of course you want to do everything you can to protect your child–especially in today’s world.However, if your teen is like most teens, he or she probably has a smartphone or other handheld device that makes it easy for him or her to browse the web and communicate with others at any time.

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