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There’s an online dating app that’s taking UK by storm called Tinder. If you’re a single millennial with a Facebook account and a smartphone, chances are good you also have a Tinder profile.

It basically helps find your best matches on Facebook and you have the choice to “like” or not. If you have somehow managed to avoid any mention or usage of this dating app, here’s a little rundown.

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This is much more important than any individual signal.Dating Tip 2: Look for the priority body language signals - Make eye contact!If she’s looking at a guy and locking eyes, and he's making strong eye contact back, this will create attraction.This type of behavior should become habit for anyone who is trying to improve his conversation skills with women.” The trick, Xuma explains, is once a man is totally comfortable striking up a conversation in any environment, then it will come naturally when he sees an interesting woman and wants to talk to her.“Learning to talk to women involves some preparation,” Xuma says.

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