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The snapshot sees Lauren and David posed with Michael B.

Jordan, Armie Hammer, his wife Elizabeth Chambers, Lily Aldridge, Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra, Rose Byrne, and her long-term partner Bobby Cannavale, all of whom were decked out in Ralph Lauren.

Even groups of prepubescent, pimple-ridden boys can tell you about the “all bare” aesthetic Brazilian bikini waxes deliver, though it might be hard to get the details through all the giggles.

But now that a new term has been added to the phrase, we’ve got to ask… In sum, it means women now want their cake and to eat it too.

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David suggested that they meet at the Met to look at some new pictures before attending a dinner nearby, bur when Lauren arrived at the venue she was surprised that no one else was there but David — and the art work he wanted her to see was a series of photographs from their seven years together.

The full-bush Brazilian involves removing all hair from the labia and butt crack while leaving the top untouched.

It allows ladies to sport the “all natural” look while indulging in the grooming routines hard-core-hippies have long rejected. Looking the part without necessarily living the life?

Time though might be exactly what you don’t have in our busy world of today.

With the range of responsibilities that are so often faced by men today, it can be difficult to find a high quality woman to relax with when you finally do have a few minutes to yourself.

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