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On some level, this is what all those 80s action movies all try to do, but none get it as right as Yakuza.And that’s because Yakuza games work hard to get the player completely and emotionally invested in the characters and story that you do feel like ripping off your shirt and yelling “Come at me!Readers of this site will know, I’m a long time Yakuza fan, having played all the mainline english translated titles in the series.In fact, its pretty much the only series in gaming I have kept up with to date.A high ceiling – despite appreciably larger overhead lockers – subtle lighting and windows 30 per cent larger than on the 767 make the Dreamliner feel positively cavernous.All this is made possible by Boeing’s use of composite materials.I’m writing this having just finished the story of Yakuza 0 and my blood is still pumping after beating the final boss to a pulp.Even after 6 games, Yakuza still gets me going like no other games do.

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The A380 is a modern icon that has flown over 400,000 revenue flights carrying over 170 million passengers.

As the world’s largest and most spacious passenger aircraft, its cabin allows passengers to stretch out in the widest seats in a calm and relaxing environment.

With the unparalleled freedom it gives passengers to move, it’s no surprise that the A380 is the preferred choice in all cabin classes.

It’s not just Elon Musk that wants to take us all to Mars—Boeing has declared its ambition, too. Speaking at a technology conference in Chicago called What’s Next, Boeing’s CEO Dennis Muilenburg signalled his intention to join this century’s space race.

“I'm convinced that the first person to step foot on Mars will arrive there riding on a Boeing rocket," he explained.

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