Blogger recent comments not updating

It’s actually pretty powerful and I’m happy to share my secrets with you.There’s a cool way to increase the number of recent posts showing up in your rss feed widget.This is what we kept in mind while developing this widget that pulls recent comments from your blog feed in a asynchronous manner without much effecting blog loading speed.Following are its features: Displays the following GIF preloader which spins and pulsates when the widget loads or when data is requested by browser from JSON feed.But if you're a small business owner or writer like me at least once a week is my short answer.Any less and it will be hard for you and your readers to keep up interest.It is a common widget and as a blogger, you should add this widget in you blog layout.

Placing Google Ad Sense Ads after every post is made easier with the Google feature.Many bloggers tell me they can't stick to their posting schedule.If that's your problem then cut the number of post you write but remember, if you update your blog less than weekly, it will be hard to build up a good body of work and keep up momentum.So at the very least pick one day when you're going to post and stick with it.Set yourself a challenge and reward yourself for following through. If you update your blog once a week and write 1,000 words per post after a year you'll have written a small book. It really does make you an expert in your niche and the very act of that writing will have helped you learn a lot about yourself, your goals and your business.

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