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A shy woman (Mélanie Bernier) moves into her new apartment in Paris, helped by her sister Charlotte (Lilou Fogli).

She longs to be a professional pianist and has just moved out of the house of her piano teacher, Evguenie (Grégoire Oestermann).

However, tonight she is not alone- for a twisted and disturbed masked man (John Gallagher Jr.) appears and begins to stalk her and taunt her, threatening to kill her as he has several others. she is a deaf-mute, and cannot necessarily hear him coming.

And so, she must rely on her cunning and her creative mind to overcome this devilish threat and try to escape with her life... It reminded me of other, similar movies from yester-year in a really fun way.

We follow lead character Maddie (co-writer Kate Siegel), an author who lives alone out in the woods and is struggling to come up with an ending for her latest novel.Indeed, when you saw the trailer, you got the feeling a new Baumbach is coming up: set in New York, starring Greta Gerwig playing a Gerta Gerwig-character and a plot revolving around existential questions of a group of well-educated, slightly quirky people.I love all of these elements and mixed with a cast including Ethan Hawke and Julianne Moore I was very excited to see this film.If well narrated, those films can serve as a mirror to your own experiences or open up new perspectives on life in general.Directors that have managed to achieve this in the past like (the early) Woody Allen or Noah Baumbach are also often named as references when it comes to Rebecca Miller's latest film Maggie's Plan.

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