Benefits of updating job descriptions

Whenever a job’s tasks and responsibilities get changed, the job description needs to be immediately updated to reflect those tweaks.Even if the nature of the job doesn’t change whatsoever, whenever there are adjustments to a company’s pay or benefits structures, the old information on the job description needs to be updated.At the heart of the recruitment process lies the general concept that a company needs to hire people to complete certain tasks or group of tasks within the organization.The description of the various responsibilities of each position can usually be found within the "job description" or "job specification" that is typically put together by business owners or managers."Job descriptions are potentially one of the most powerful tools available to help managers improve employee performance and productivity," stated Philip C. "They have great utility for every phase of human resource administration.From designing jobs and reward systems, through staffing and training to performance evaluation and control, the job description is literally indispensible if the human resource is to be managed properly.Therefore, the focus of senior-level compensation and benefits specialists is on compensation and benefits as they relate to employee performance, company goals, sales incentive plans, and executive bonuses, among others.

For most, if not all of your applicants, the job description is the first thing they see that introduces them to your company and the position itself.Compensation and benefits managers, also known as remuneration professionals, are responsible for overseeing employee compensation, compensation databases, job descriptions, benchmark compensation, annual performance reviews, and employee benefits.Although the work of lower-level compensation and benefits specialists is generally focused primarily on administrative tasks, the responsibilities of upper-level compensation and benefits managers are more strategic in nature, with these HR professionals involved in the creation and management of compensation and benefits plans.If given the respect they deserve, job descriptions can provide employees with the structure they need to do their jobs and, simultaneously, the latitude to grow into positions of greater responsibility and reward.Collectively, job descriptions can reflect the heritage, current challenges, and dreams of an organization.

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