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It is a goal of Lara, May & Associates, LLC (“LMA”) to provide our customers with an expected high level of service no matter what disruption the firm may be experiencing.

LMA has developed a business continuity plan (“BCP”), per FINRA Rule 3510, to respond to events that significantly disrupt our business.

Southwest Hospital and Medical Center — Acute care hospital.

Tennessee Chemical Company — Chemical manufacturer.

It is important to note that RVC’s BCP is subject to modification.

Historically the company’s principal product groups were PVC polymer products, which consist of PVC resins and feed stocks, Methanol and derivatives, which consist of methanol and formaldehyde, and Nitrogen products which consist of ammonia and urea.

We believe that our plan adequately identifies and eliminates business continuity risk associated with various types of SBDs (whether firm only, single building, business district- wide, citywide, or region-wide).

Provisions for financial and operational assessment are in place to insure the quick recovery and resumption of operations, as well as protection of all of the firm’s books and records.

Augusta Tissue Mill, LLC — Recycled paper products manufacturer. Corporate Jet Aviation — Aviation fixed base operator. (and related companies) — Helicopter flight contractor.

— Importer, manufacturer and distributor of casual and sports apparel.

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