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We hope that the following list of pocket watch words and phrases will help throw some light on this intriguing part of horology.[] Crystal is the traditional name for the transparent cover of the dial that used to be made from glass (mineral crystal) or sapphire.W." The 3/4 plate Swiss movement is in excellent condition and in full working order. The white enamel dial has the hours in Roman numerals and a sub-seconds dial at six o'clock. The weight is 84.2g Thank you for viewing this listing from Deveron Jewellers : We always has an excellent selection of pocket watches and vintage wristwatches in stock.We also stock good quality antique Jewellery and Silver. For more information please click on the link above to my "about me" page.Over the last few centuries, Pocket Watches have developed a language all of their own.It can be a bit daunting when confronted with a sheaf of information about a watch, only half of which makes sense.Elgin National Watch Company In the spring of 1864 half a dozen ambitious Chicago businessmen decided that if Massachusetts could build a factory that built watches – Illinois could, too.Harper’s magazine summed their sentiment perfectly: “It was the genuine, audacious, self-reliant Western spirit.” By August of that year this consortium, including then-Chicago mayor Benjamin W.

OW 6047 Waltham Riverside Grade 1899, 16 size 17 jewels, LIKE NEW 14k solid gold hunting case, single sunk porcelain dial, arabic numerals, blue spade hands, 3/4 plate nickel movement, screw down Gold jewel settings, gold center wheel, micrometric regulator, marked adjusted, (11511606) circa 1902 WOW!

The 18 carat gold case is stamped "K18" on rear cover and inner cuvette.

The case has engine turned engraving and a central cartouche to the rear that is free of engraving or personal inscriptions.

Advanced collectors will find the information in the Technical and Elgin Database sections to cover many details not found anywhere else, either on the Internet or in print.

The Documents & Picture section contains many scans of many hard to find books.

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