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It's no secret that the mating market can be brutal — any evening at a singles bar can tell you that.

For this we can thank in part our evolutionary history, which exalted the role of dominance in the mating dance.

Women often behave toward one another in sneaky, underhanded, ruthlessly competitive ways.

Catfight is an insightful exploration of the American woman's world of aggression, rivalry, and competition.

A Conversation with Liz Funk You’ve written and published a book at the age of 19!

Although many women feel no choice but to endure constant pressure and self-doubt, Tanenbaum counters that competition is a learned behavior, not human nature, and the consequences are rarely worth the meager rewards.” In 2009, she published the book Taking Back God: American Women Rising Up For Religious Equality, which according to the Jerusalem Report, “focuses on five communities of American women struggling for women's religious advancement: Catholics, evangelical Protestants, "mainline" (non-evangelical) Protestants, Muslims and Orthodox Jews.” In the book are 95 testimonials, In 2015 she published the book I Am Not a Slut: Slut-Shaming in the Age of the Internet, in which she discusses the possible results of reclaiming negative shaming words used against women.

You're at a party in mid-conversation with your boyfriend when an attractive woman comes over to mingle. ) examined how social competition causes some female teenagers to attack others for real or imagined sexual behavior.

You move closer to him, touching him and glaring at her. In this follow-up, she branches out, taking on adult women and their struggles to look prettier, land better boyfriends or husbands, be more popular with co-workers and be considered better mothers than other women, sisterhood be damned.

Technically speaking, pertains to a person's relative access to resources and mates, which is proportionate to the negative costs (the damage) he can inflict on another individual.

Often, this can be reduced to physical aggression — mano-a-mano combat.

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