Accommodating synonym F song chat sex

For example : We always try to accommodate(oblige) our clients with financial assistance if necessary.

Could you oblige (accommodate) me with a pen and a piece of paper, please?

"Oblige" means to be mandated to provide the service, though it does not imply that the service has actually been provided.

(They also differ in how they relate to the verb's object.)@Hot Licks Than you for your comment.

But you would need an accommodating fool to make your fires, and an industrious philosopher to keep them burning.

And would it cost you anything to accommodate yourself to his fantasies? His Highness wants a loan, and we are willing to accommodate him. of accomodare "make fit, adapt, fit one thing to another," from ad- "to" commodare "make fit," from commodus "fit" (see commode). But your eye and your ear will accommodate themselves to both. The other room is easily large enough to accommodate two girls. Books like “Roget’s Thesaurus” are foreign to speakers of most other languages. ...” If not for the finite capacity of thought bubbles, the artist could have added: “big, Brobdingnagian, colossal, enormous, gargantuan, gigantic, ginormous, grand, hefty, hulking, humongous, husky, immense, jumbo, leviathan, looming, lumbering, mammoth, mountainous, ponderous, prodigious, sizable, substantial, tremendous, vast, weighty, whopping.”Such a cartoon would be far less likely to appear in a magazine printed in a language other than English.

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