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— Blue。 , (UTC) Persona 2 was heavily connected to Persona 1 and Persona 3 had several references that showed all three (well, technically 5) games take place in the same "universe".For example, the Kirijo group was at one point part of the Nanjou group, which stems directly from Persona 1 and 2.When I had to write a long paper but had no motivation to do in-depth research or write detailed arguments, I simply wrote a rough, inexact outline in one quick burst.Seeing an incomplete and potentially erroneous draft frustrated me enough to fix and expand small parts of it, slowly getting me closer to my final goal of a well-researched, comprehensive paper.However, citing the blog alone would not suffice as it refers only to "the interpretation on Wikipedia" without saying what it is: without a citation of the historical Wikipedia page to provide context, it is unclear what the blog was referring to at the time it has written.However, two users challenged my usage of such, saying that it is "too meta" for an article to cite its own history. Also, the fallacy of authorial intent is widely discredited in literary studies and other critical studies of texts.In the particular case, the author of a game (Braid (video game)) posted a statement on their blog [1] stating that the interpretation of the plot of that game that existed at that time on Wikipedia was wrong.As this is "word of god" concerning a work of fiction, it seems that it should be a useful piece of information to include in the article, especially since the same interpretation of the plot still remains on Wikipedia.

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I am John Clark Born and raised in Steubenville, Ohio. The aim is to prevent the case where a slacking newspaper editor or academic copies unsourced content from Wikipedia (which, although highly unprofessional, does happen fairly frequently), allowing the content on Wikipedia to be described as sourced and thus accepted as fact when it has never really been verified at all.But complacency kills even the mightiest and I am no exception. And I have my hands full with work, personal projects, and social events. And yet I find it difficult to motivate myself to get to the next level.I spent some time thinking about the possible root causes but haven't arrived at any eye-opening conclusions yet but I did recall something from my college years that I'm going to try again.This summer, we’re even offering you a special outdoor space to sit and get started.”The reading room will include colorful lounge chairs arranged on a plush “grass” carpet of soy bean based turf.Its mid-century modern design was inspired by the iconic 1970 Slim Aarons photograph Poolside Gossip, which epitomized the chic poolside social scene of the times.

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